Combining two recently completed bodies of work, the aim of this series is to showcase the state of play in my practice.

Siar talks about the complexity of one’s choice in relation to femininity, the position of women in society and forms of vulnerability.  Taking the figure of Aoife from The Children of Lir as a point of departure, it investigates the moment when one can become a prisoner to circumstances but still negotiate one's identity through that complex process.

UNO is a meditation on time and space over the course of the final months of the life of my terminally-ill father, Zbigniew.  The series combines photographs taken by myself in 2019 and my father taken in 1989/1990 in my hometown Wrocław (Poland), as well as in Cork and Dublin (Ireland) where I have been living since 2005.  Ultimately, UNO is about the continuity, loss and separation.


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