Let's Take the Wrong Way Home

The idea that technology allows us to see at any time the places that we have never been to before, was the starting point of Let’s Take the Wrong Way Home.

This is a collection of photomontage works that are representations of landscapes that do not exist. Each piece is a combination of photographs from both places that I call home, Poland and Ireland and in combination, each image constitutes an unfulfilled dream and desire for those two places to become one. Using Google Street View, I went to my hometown of Wrocław to document places of great personal significance to me.

The photographs shot from the screens were taken using 5x4” black and white sheets of negative film, then processed and printed in the darkroom. After that, they were combined with photographs of natural landscapes in Ireland.

Textual errors, caused by the speed of broadband, result in a hybrid of urban and rural, digital and analogue, human and non-human, present moment and moment remembered. Dislocation finds its place in between the images that emerge and the dream of reconciling these realities. 


Let's Take the Wrong Way Home


 © 2020 Izabela Szczutkowska


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